New branding, and website, and offerings… Oh my!



What better way to kick of a blog than to talk about the reason you are here in the first place, right?

So why are you reading this? Most likely you are either an existing client – thank you for your loyalty and the honor to serve your clients, my wife – who I regularly bribe with food to check my work for mistakes – or my mother – who will probably read this and share it with her Papillon friends on social media; love you, mom.



But in all seriousness, let’s talk about why you should be using a professional photography service for every listing; Let’s get real about the market here in Colorado in 2018; And, let’s talk about what buyers and sellers think are the most important and useful listing features being offered today.

Why should you use professional photography for every single listing? The answer to that is simple. Photos are the first impression a property makes on home buyers. If your photos are lackluster, dingy, crooked, or obviously taken with a cell phone, buyers are going to assume that either something is wrong with the property, or the seller isn’t properly represented. Either of those things are keeping away prospective well-qualified buyers, and the ones that are left may bring weaker offers. Simply stated, you leave money on the table by not using a company like Spacekraft Media to produce your images.


Fun Fact – Did you know that, according to the National Association of Realtors, FSBO (For sale by owner) properties sold for a national average of 24% LESS last year than those listed with an agent? With average sales prices over $400,000 in Colorado, Private Sellers could be leaving over $70,000 on the table after commissions! How’s that for a listing presentation statistic? You’re welcome. 😉


Speaking of the Colorado housing market… Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market right now? Sellers’ all the way. Currently there’s around 5 weeks of inventory on the market in the metro area (6 months is considered balanced by most analysts). For April, the total number of active listings was just over 7,300, and considering that (according to DORA) there are nearly 21,000 active real estate agents in the Metro area, chances are two out of every three agents didn’t have a listing last month.

In reality things are probably a little different. We all know an agent that has two or three listings at all times, and for every one of them, we know four or five that go months without a listing. And, yes, there are agents that choose to specialize in helping out of state buyers find a home that might not take a seller’s listing all year. Regardless, the fact remains that there are a lot more agents out there trying to win listings than there are homeowners ready to sell.



So, once you find a unicorn – excuse me, a ready and willing seller – how do you prove to them that you are their champion? Their hero? Their best shot at bringing in the big bucks for their current property in order to come to the table strong on their next purchase?

The answer? You show them that you have a team of experts at your side that know how to market their property in ways that will cut through the clutter of less attractive listings that were brought to market in a hurry. That’s where Spacekraft Media comes in.



We produce only the most stunning, crisp, attractive photos and video possible of your listings. We don’t use any gimmicks or tricks to fool buyers into thinking the property is something it’s not. We tell the story of your property and illicit an emotional response from home buyers in order to help them feel what is like to live in a home, rather than just showing them what it looks like.



According to the National Association of Realtors, 42% of recent home buyers started their search for a home by looking online first compared to only 17% that first contacted a realtor. Recent home buyers also considered websites to be the most useful source of information available to them over both realtors and print media. We help you take advantage of that preferred source of information by giving you single property websites for free with every shoot, and our client center will allow you to syndicate that information not only to the MLS, but to your social media pages as well.

In the same report released by NAR, recent buyers indicated that the top 5 features of online sources they found most helpful in their home search were:


  1. Photos
  2. Detailed property information
  3. Floor plans
  4. Virtual tours
  5. Real estate agent contact information


We offer all of those features integrated into your single property websites, along with these other features found to be most useful to buyers:


  1. Neighborhood information / nearby places
  2. Interactive maps
  3. Videos
  4. Panoramas
  5. Downloadable flyers
  6. Easy to remember URLs


The informational features are included at no extra cost to you in our basic photo marketing packages, while the media components such as virtual tours, floor plans, panoramas, videos and customized URLs can be added on a-la-carte and are also included in our premium marketing packages.



Our mission since launch has been to empower agents by giving you access to the visual marketing that will set you apart from the crowd, which will ultimately help you win more listings, make more money, and turn your clients into cheerleaders shouting your name from the rooftops; the rooftops you helped them find.

Please reach out with any questions about services, pricing, and availability. Or login to our client center here to look around.